Our Fees

We have tried to minimise any fees to keep our services affordable.

That is why we now BULK BILL patients attending the Kallangur MTC (Minor Trauma Centre).

Starting immediately all patients with a valid Medicare Card who attend our Minor Trauma Centre will be bulk billed for their consultation. This is regardless of the time or day.

*A $25 after-hours fee does apply to x-rays taken (on an on-call basis) after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends when required. No additional fracture care fees exist for post x-ray follow-ups for plaster casts.

Medicare and Private Health:
You do not need private health insurance to attend the MTC, however, you do need a valid Medicare Card to help you avoid additional out-of-pocket expenses. Our gap fees are not eligible for a Medicare rebate and generally will not be covered by private health insurance providers.