Our Fees

Only apply to the after-hours consultations from 6pm in order to help us stay open later at night for you, your family and the community. The Family Practice at Kallangur still bulk bills 7 days a week during regular practice hours.

Due to continued community support, we have re-opened the Kallangur MTC (Minor Trauma Centre).

Now we need you to help us keep it open!

To keep the after-hours Kallangur MTC open late, we are charging patients a gap fee for consultations after 6pm. In most cases this out-of-pocket expense will not exceed $20*.
*The after-hours gap fee does not include x-rays.

Medicare and Private Health:
You do not need private health insurance to attend the MTC, however, you do need a valid Medicare Card to help you avoid additional out-of-pocket expenses. Our gap fees are not eligible for a Medicare rebate and generally will not be covered by private health insurance providers.

*An additional fee of $25 applies to X-rays after 6pm when required.

Why pay for the MTC after 6pm?

When you pay for our after-hours walk-in clinic, you are choosing to avoid the long at hospital.

When you attend our after-hours clinic you are paying so that you can start feeling better sooner.

Your $20 ensures we can keep on a highly trained emergency team late at night, so you can access quality after-hours care when you need it.