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Allergy Testing

How do you know you have an allergy?

Allergy testing is a quick way to determine not only if you have an allergy, but what may be causing your allergic reactions. We use a new type of allergy test which is different to the skin tests. It can test for over 150 allergens with only a few drops of blood.

Allergy Management

What helps relieve allergies?

Knowing how to relieve and manage allergies can save you a lot of frustration. Following allergy testing, we can help identify what might work best for you.


What is immunotherapy?
For some people immunotherapy can provide much needed relief from allergies by reducing:

  • sensitivity to allergens,
  • severity of reactions and,
  • longevity of reactions

We can help you towards an immunotherapy plan that can improve your quality of life.

Food Allergies

Need advice on how to manage food allergies?

Some foods can be harder to avoid than others. That is why our onsite Dietitians are here to help you understand food allergies and ways to maintain a balanced diet. Speak to our consultant if you require diet and nutrition advice.

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