Kallangur Minor Trauma Centre
& After Hours GP clinic

After hours GP

Our After Hours GP Services

After-hours we determine priority by triage, meaning those with urgent and critical needs are seen by our doctors first. Please phone us if you would like an idea of wait times before arriving.


Falls, tumbles, spills and tackles

Whether it’s a work injury, sporting injury or everyday bad luck we know it can happen at any time and result in discomfort, pain and limited mobility. Instead of waiting hours at a hospital you can receive triage within minutes at the MTC. Our onsite x-ray service and talented team are available after-hours and on weekends to ensure that you are properly treated when you need it. We are even able to provide plaster cast application, however, we do not manage fractures and will refer to a fracture clinic for on-going fracture care.


Cuts, burns, lacerations or punctures

Minor and moderate wounds are not only painful, they also need proper care in order to prevent infection. We can clean, stitch and dress a variety wounds so you can avoid a trip to the hospital.


Fevers, rashes, bumps and bruises

There is nothing worse than seeing your little one sick or injured and having to wait hours for medical care. That is why we have a baby and infant drop-in service and a triage system that sees you receive the care you need quickly. If your child has an extremely high temperature, breathing difficulties or severe dehydration please notify our reception on arrival.

*In the event of an emergency, always call 000!