Allied Health Services

Targeting all of your healthcare needs

We are serious about healthcare, which is why we work with a wide range of health providers to offer you comprehensive care. Because we believe healthcare should be accessible to all, we try to provide the services in-house to make it easier for you. Contact your local Family Practice Medical Centre to find out when the Allied Health Services are available in your area.

We work with:

DietitiansExercise PhysiologistsDiabetic EducatorsPsychologists
Provided By:
– Jaslyn Dugmore NutritionAvailable at Kallangur and The Gap
– Lifestar NutritionAvailable at Kallangur and The Gap
– Correct NutritionAvailable at Burpengary
– Fluid PhysiotherapyAvailable Yamba
Provided By:
– Lifestar NutritionAvailable Kallangur & The Gap
– Fluid PhysiotherapyAvailable Yamba
Available at Kallangur, Burpengary & Hinkler
Provided By:
– Correct Nutrition
– Independent Educators
Available at Kallangur, The Gap & Yamba
Provided By:
– Independent Psychologists
*These services are all provided onsite at our various medical centres. Availability can be limited and referrals may be required. Please contact your local Family Practice for more Allied Health information and bookings.