Skin Cancer Clinics
Taking on skin cancer through awareness, education and screening.

Be Sun Smart

It’s easy to take our rather nice weather for granted in Queensland. Unfortunately, our sunny home has the unfortunate title of the world’s skin cancer capital. While we love a good beach bash or BBQ, our outdoor activities expose us to a significant risk of skin cancer. And when it comes to being sun smart, we can be complacent. Many of us grew up with the old slip, slop, slap slogan, but how many of us follow it, or the recommendations for skin screening?

We are meant to self-screen our skin regularly, looking for new moles and changes to existing moles, and its recommended that we check-in for a profession skin cancer check every 2 years. We are also meant to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide now; and we are meant to avoid unnecessary sun exposure during 10am and 2pm. But how many of us practice these recommendations?



Performing a regular self-examination can clue you in to potential skin cancer risks. By locating and monitoring the physical characteristics of moles on your body you stand a better chance of identifying changes to the moles that may signify skin cancer. It’s not a guaranteed screening method because it’s easy to miss some of the harder to see moles and the human eye is not always very effective at determining gradual change. Still, if you do notice a mole changing (growing larger or darker) speak to your GP about having it scanned.


Full Examination

A full examination will still incur a visual examination, undertaken by a GP rather than you or your partner. However, it will usually include the use of skin imaging technology and infrared scanning devices, in order to see beneath the skin. These examinations are painless but can take some time to complete. They are also more likely to identify risk elements within a mole than a visual examination. It is recommended that you undertake a full skin screening examination every 2 years so that changes and new moles can be tracked by your GP.


Mole Removal

We offer mole removal onsite without the wait for your name to reach the top of a waiting list. Our practices all offer the minor procedure, making both screening and treatment easier on you. Where multiple moles need to be removed you may be referred to a hospital or required to make several visits.